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  • SGD $41,328,146 Singapore
  • SGD $1,475,372,200 Asia
Investment ID Project Sum Return (P.A.) Tenor Days Left To Maturity
201604155830 S$60,000.00
100% subscribed
S$0.00 more to go
7% 2 Months Matured
201604153657 S$80,000.00
100% subscribed
S$0.00 more to go
7% 3 Months Matured
201604153612 S$500,000.00
100% subscribed
S$0.00 more to go
7% 3 Months Matured

Insider Insights
  • Empowering People

    Converting your new company’s brand into a household name is the dream of every entrepreneur. But very few new businesses are able to achieve this success. Since its establishment 14 years ago, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) has become a training powerhouse, with practically every Singaporean having some degree of familiarity with the company’s …

  • How AKLTG Started With 1 Staff in 2002 And Expanded Into 7 Different Countries Later On

    Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of The SME Show where I bring on proven entrepreneurs around Asia and reverse-engineer the strategies and tactics to succeed. Now in this interview, I have interviewed Patrick Cheo from AKLTG. So today, almost everyone in Singapore has heard of Adam Khoo and the training company which is Adam Khoo …

  • Local SME Becomes Bankable Through Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding in Singapore supports the SME industry by providing more forms of financing to address their needs. New Union, one of Singapore’s largest debt-based crowdfunding platforms, follows this path by supporting SME growth efforts by provision of crowdfunding loans.

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