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  • SGD $38,862,600 Singapore
  • SGD $995,188,506 Asia
Investment ID Project Sum Return (P.A.) Tenor Days Left To Maturity
201604155830 S$60,000.00
100% subscribed
S$0.00 more to go
7% 2 Months Matured
201604153657 S$80,000.00
100% subscribed
S$0.00 more to go
7% 3 Months Matured
201604153612 S$500,000.00
100% subscribed
S$0.00 more to go
7% 3 Months Matured

Insider Insights
  • How Polliwogs Grew to Million Customers in 7 Years With Zero Advertising

    Having the dream of becoming an entrepreneur since he was young, Hariman, the founder of Polliwogs turned his dream into reality to the tune of one million customers in a span of 7 years.1Polliwogs started in 2009 with zero advertising, just like most businesses. The big difference was, he did no advertising as he built …

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Lend to This Company

    Crowdfunding platforms do due diligence. After all, their reputation is at stake and MAS has its eyes on them. Is that a relief for you? We hope not. You see, as a crowdfunding investor, you still must do your own due diligence. After all, it’s your money at stake. Risk, in varying degrees, are present in …

  • New Union At ACE’s LaunchPad Party

    On 30 June 2016, ACE held its quarterly LaunchPad Party, a networking event for the young SMEs community. This time, New Union also participated as part of this event. With the growing popularity of crowdfunding, and various policies to regulate the crowdfunding industry in Singapore, ACE have brought together a distinguished panel of representatives for the Launch Pad Party to share about the trending topics of crowdfunding. Eddie Lee, Group CEO of New Union Holding is honored to be one of the speakers for that evening.

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