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Being a Financial Technology (FinTech) company, New Union implements top-notch Technology and Software tools to enable a more efficient financial system.

As New Union continues to grow, our full-fledged team, which includes talents from various areas of expertise, focuses its expertise in the following areas: Business Analysis, Credit Risk Control, Information Technology, Corporate Finance and Corporate Network.

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About New Union

The name New Union represents a unity between SMEs, Financiers (through you and me) and Technology. With offices in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Cambodia and Philippines, we are a New Union of lending platforms across Pan Asia.

Before New Union was formed, our team of founders were entrepreneurs who began their business from a humble start. From freelancing, to the first hire, to an eventual exit. In their journey of managing a bootstrap company, like you, they experienced and understood the bittersweet journey of an entrepreneur.

With admiration of the entrepreneur's spirit, New Union is formed to support fellow business owners through crowdlending.

New Union is a platform by SMEs, for SMEs. And we sincerely invite you to join us in this new age financing journey.

New Union is Asia's leading crowdlending platform. Our goal is to support local SMEs with alternative financing for business growth by enabling investors (like you and me) to lend them directly as a form of investment.

Established in 2013 with the vision to connect local businesses, New Union Singapore has facilitated over SGD $148,072,167 worth of loans since its launch in February 2014 and has collectively facilitated SGD $2,820,135,859 for SMEs across Asia.

New Union serves two main groups of customers:


New Union is committed to support local businesses, helping them achieve their potential, through alternative financing solutions. By reducing cash-flow gaps, the capital growth of local businesses can be enhanced. They can expect lower cost of credit than other traditional alternative financing companies and shorter fund-processing period.

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New Union provides attractive risk-adjusted annualised returns from 7%, which come in the form of Monthly Repayments. Investors can invest with a peace of mind with New Union as we provide a platform for investment reviewing and monitoring of potential crowdlending projects.

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Funded to Businesses

  • SGD $148,072,167 Asia Pacific (ex China)
  • SGD $2,820,135,859 Asia Pacific

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