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What is New Union?

New Union is Asia’s leading crowdlending platform. Our goal is to enable investors (like you and me) and businesses connect so that businesses can gain access to alternative sources of financing while investors are able to tap into alternative types of investments.

In Singapore, New Union helps match investors and businesses for this purpose. Through promoting financial inclusion, we provide investors a new way to attain their investment objectives and let businesses find a stable and efficient way to propel their business growth.

Why invest with New Union?
New Union is building a business community with users who may need financing options. We help arrange for short term loans with risk-adjusted returns to be repaid monthly to committed investors.
Who can access the platform?
With reference to local Singapore crowdfunding regulations, New Union only allows visitors of the platform to access the publicly available information on our website. After going through the registration and onboarding process, members will be allowed to gain access to the information and services provided on the platform.
How can I register?
Look for our “Register” on the top right hand corner of the website!
Why can’t investors contact businesses directly?

After completing the registration and onboarding process, members of our platform undertake and agree not to contact other members directly or attempt to enter into any transaction with other users of the platform other than through New Union’s official platform and services.

We are doing what we can to ensure everyone’s interest and well-being is being taken cared of.

Is New Union regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore?
Yes! New Union must observe the crowdfunding regulations designed by the MAS. Under these regulations, New Union holds a Capital Markets Services License (License Number: CMD100642-1) awarded by the MAS to carry out our crowdfunding business.
Who can I contact for PDPA policy and related queries?
For further enquiries on this policy or any other queries in relation to how we may manage, protect and/or process your personal data, please reach out to our Personal Data Protection Officer.

Email    [email protected]
Call    +65 6536 5356

Please include 'Re: PDPA' in the Email Subject title.
FAQs for Businesses
How much does it cost to list a loan request on New Union’s platform?
New Union believes in loan transparency and ease of use, there is a success fee of 3 to 5% p.a. for every successful crowdfunding exercise. On behalf of our investor members, we are also keen to encourage good repayment behaviour from our business members. Good repayment behaviour contributes to our internal credit rating system for our business users, we may rely on it to adjust the success fee.
What is New Union’s criteria for each funding request?
There are many factors that go into our credit decision making process. New Union invites you to register an account and submit your loan application online. There is a minimum requirement in that the businesses to be either registered as a Singapore Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership Entity(s).
Does New Union accept funding requests from all countries?
New Union Singapore will only accept funding requests from businesses registered in Singapore at this point in time.
Will the business be listed with its real identity?
Within the platform, members will not be allowed to see each others’ identity. Even during the crowdfunding exercise, your business background information will be shown to help investors make a decision for investing but your identity will not be revealed. Only when the crowdfunding project is deemed successful and a loan contractual relationship has taken place, shall all related parties be identified within the loan documents.
How do I submit the required documents?
Businesses are required to register on the platform and submit the required documents in our online crowdfunding application process.
I have submitted my crowdfunding loan application, what should I do next?

Once the initial submission on our platform is reviewed, one of our underwriters will contact you if there is a good fit to discuss the funding in detail and to explain the following procedures. Alternatively, your application status can be checked in your New Union account as well!

The more information you provide in the initial assessment, the higher your chances of getting the funding successfully.

Will my business information and financials be made public?
No. The information will only be made available for review during the crowdfunding exercise. During this point of time, everyone’s identity is kept confidential. The business information and financials are only made available for investor members’ review. Only when a loan contract has been created, shall all related parties be revealed to each other.
Why should I use New Union over other ways of getting loans?

New Union is dedicated to assess all funding applications with competitive rates quickly so that SME owners may focus more time on running their business. Being a crowdfunding platform, we have the ability to craft flexible capital structures that will complement your business plans. We endeavour to build a community of investors who have faith in your business model and are looking forward to your eventual success.

Coupled with great customer service and our dedication to help SMEs grow healthily, you may receive the benefits of technology, e-commerce and online social community all at once.

How is the loan structured in general?
New Union uses the Effective Interest Rate (EIR) model to help the business prepare a repayment plan. We compute interest payments based on the outstanding principal at the end of each repayment term. We allow flexible payments so that the business only pays for what they borrowed.Meaning, if the business pays earlier, less interest is charged. However, the flip side still stands, late payments are still subject to late fees!
Are there any penalties for early full repayment of the loan?

New Union encourages responsible and disciplined borrowing, we believe that businesses should be allowed to borrow only how much they need for healthy business development. Early repayment of the loan is encouraged with no penalty in place, businesses should be allowed to repay quickly to minimise their cost of financing.

If the business is expecting to make a full repayment to complete the loan in advance, New Union would require the business to repay the outstanding principal and interest incurred til the settlement date.

FAQs for Investors
Who can register as an Investor?
You can register and participate on our platform if you:
  • Are an individual investor who is -
    • 18 years old and above;
    • A Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or Foreigner residing in Singapore with a valid employment pass, dependant’s pass or student pass;
    • Have a mobile number;
    • Have a banking account with a local bank or foreign qualifying full bank in Singapore
  • Are a corporate investor who is -
    • Incorporated in Singapore;
    • Have a mobile number;
    • Have a corporate bank account with a local bank or foreign qualifying full bank in Singapore
For particular investors, you may be asked to submit further documentary proof as part of the regulatory requirements of holding the Capital Markets Services License.
What is the registration process?
  • Complete our on-boarding process by providing your personal information. (5 min)
  • You may be asked to submit supporting documents depending on your nationality. (3 min)
  • Sign an e-contract with the platform through your registered email account and await identity verification by New Union and our Trust company. (1-3 days)
  • Make your first funds top up through FAST to verify bank account. (5 min)
  • Account shall be approved for your investing journey with us! (2 days)
What are the required documents for registration?
If you are a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or Foreigner:
  • Documentary proof of your identity (a colour photo or scanned image of the front and back of your NRIC identity card or passport)
  • Documentary proof of your residence in Singapore (a utility bill/ telco bill/ internet bill/ bank statement/ credit card statement/ mortgage statement/ insurance policy statement/ any letter, statement or bill issued by a government agency)
If you are a Corporate or Institutional Investor:
  • Certified true copy of the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement or Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA)
  • Proof of Identity of Directors/ Partners/ Managing Partners
  • Proof of residential address of all the authorized Directors/ Partners/ Managing Partners in the said Resolution
  • Proof of local trading address that is dated within the last six months
How do Investors submit the required documents?
You may upload the supporting documents via our website or app as prompted during the registration process.
My contact information has changed, how do I go about updating it?
Due to security reasons, sensitive information pertaining to investor profile cannot be changed. They are namely your registered email address, bank details and your mobile number. For any change to be made, please kindly contact us at [email protected] to make the change. We will act on the changes quickly once supporting evidence of the change has been verified.
What is the Suitability Assessment Test for when I register?
The Suitability Assessment Test (SAT) is a requirement introduced by the MAS to help investors understand the risks involved in investing and is a New Union requirement as well to complete the form before approving their registration.
What charges are applicable to Investors?
New Union charges an Account Management Fee for rendering platform services and loan monitoring. For every loan repayment made by the borrower, we shall take a 15% fee on only the repaid interest.
What is the minimum amount I can invest?
The minimum investment amount is S$ 1000.
What happens to my funds after I commit to crowdfund for an existing project?
The funds committed shall be held in reserve in our system until the crowdfunding exercise is completed During that point in time, if enough funds has been raised by the community to make the funding, the loan contractual agreement shall be made. If the crowdfunding campaign is unsuccessful (not enough funds were raised), the committed funds will be released back into your account.
What is the nature of the loans?

New Union is working towards arranging risk-adjusted loans between the businesses and investors. The loans will be designed as such:

  • Loan period: 1 - 12 months
  • Loan size: S$ 5,000 - S$ 5,000,000
  • Loan security: Unsecured or secured against invoices/ collateral
How are repayments being made to me?
New Union has arranged for an escrow account to be set up by the MAS licensed Vistra Trust to independently manage the funds on behalf of all the investors and businesses. Payments for the loans will be made towards the Vistra escrow account, on verification of the repayment made by both New Union and Vistra Trust, we shall update each investor’s funding account accordingly.
Can I participate in multiple crowdfunding projects?
Yes and participation in multiple loans is encouraged to ensure portfolio diversification to avoid high concentration risk in a few loans or industries.
Through my investment, what exactly do I own?
When a crowdfunding exercise is successfully completed, a loan agreement shall be made between the investor(s) and the business. This loan agreement is legally binding between the group of investor(s) and the business.
Is this a bond product?
No, it is not.
Is this a fixed deposit?
No, it is not. The funds invested is not secured or guaranteed by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Where will I receive my loan contract?
The original loan contract shall be generated by our platform and be emailed to all the related investors and business with the registered email provided in your personal profile. A copy of the said contract will be made available in your own New Union account for future reference if need be.
Can I transfer or sell my contract to another party?
The loan agreement is non-transferrable and is strictly between the related investor(s) and the business.
Is my money safe in New Union?

As part of the regulatory requirements of holding the Capital Markets Services License, all the monies belonging to the investors and businesses are held in an independent escrow account that is managed by the MAS licensed Vistra Trust. Therefore, the business funds of New Union will not be commingled with the users.

Audits will also be performed by appointed 3rd party auditors to ensure regulatory compliance.

What happens to New Union when market interest rates rise?

A rise in interest rates will have a negative effect on the business environment, as it will make funding more expensive for SME borrowers. We are not able to predict or confirm if or when market interest rates will rise or fall and how it might affect the sentiment for business expansion and cost of acquiring working capital.

New Union is of the opinion that businesses must continue to thrive in both good and bad times. Funding is necessary for both business expansion and cash flow conservation; opportunities for business funding will therefore still be available.

Nevertheless, New Union will constantly monitor the economy and interest rate movement as necessary to provide synergy between investors and borrowers.

What happens to New Union when the economy faces another downturn?

New Union is not able to predict trends in the economic cycle but opportunity exists in every business industry in different points of the economic cycle. During a market downturn, particular industries will continue to thrive and provide a suitable return in return for your investment.

It is our intention to ensure that funding opportunities that are well suited in particular points of the economic cycle is made accessible to our investors.

Are these investments safe?

It is difficult to know how and when the market conditions will change and affect the underlying loan.

Investors are reminded to review the risk of each product offering, terms of use and Participation Agreement to gain a full understanding of the product characteristics.

Why are payments sometimes not made on time by the borrowers?

New Union monitors the repayment behaviour of the businesses as it reflects their willingness to pay. Having said that, we notice that funds owed to investors sometime reach their accounts in dates later than stipulated in the repayment schedule.

When we confirm that the repayment is not a late payment, the delayed return of funds could usually be due to cheque clearing time - sometimes the cheque is delivered to us on the repayment date itself and the cheque can only be cleared by the banks within three to five working days.

On occasion, we do note that the businesses may meet difficulty in repayment due to tight cash flow situations, resulting in delayed payments. New Union will review the situation in detail as it could result in late fees.

In general, as part of our goal to promote responsible borrowing, we actively monitor all loans, make reminders on repayments and keep in close contact with the businesses to ensure a open and honest conversation between all parties and stakeholders such as yourself.

Is my investment secured?
Investors are reminded to review the due diligence of each proposed funding. Depending on how the loan is to be structured, there could be security or collateral held in place to lower the risk of the loan.
What happens to my investment when a borrower defaults on a funding?

Although New Union makes a significant effort in keeping the risk of loan default to a minimum, all loans have an inherent amount of risk; investors may lose their entire investment.

New Union has a borrower default process in place to manage the situation as soon as possible by working with the business borrower to understand the reason behind the default. Primarily, we would like to reach to an amicable solution with the borrower to protect the interests of the investors.

That withstanding, New Union has a set of legal mechanisms and contingency plans in place to mitigate such risks. We highly encourage our investors to understand the due diligence risk and nature of each proposed funding clearly to make a sound investment decision.

Are loan investments from New Union considered alternative assets?

Yes. Investments beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and cash are known as alternative asset classes. Alternative asset classes can include anything from commercial real estate and private equity to luxury watches and antiques.

Be advised that alternative asset classes are not appropriate for everyone. New Union investors must verify their investor status. New Union is not a registered financial advisor and does not make any financial recommendations. You should always consult a qualified financial or investment professional knowledgeable about your risk tolerance and objectives before investing in new opportunities.

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