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Success in business is often determined by one simple factor: the management of cash flow. Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a challenge faced by businesses in every industry, irrespective of their turnover bracket.

Positive working capital means having enough cash to manage operations and meet other obligations.

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a growing business is waiting for your invoices to be paid – especially when some customers don’t pay on time.

Yet the money you’ve extended as credit to your customers represents funds you can’t put back to work in your business right away, which ties up your working capital.

Often then, SMEs would go to traditional financing institutions to apply for loans, just so as to maintain the working capital. But often they get rejected because, in traditional financial institutions, loans are very difficult to obtain unless the SME has a substantial track record or valuable collateral.

The other shortcoming that SMEs would face is that traditional financing institutions might have them to take up a higher loan. Also, a lot of times, hidden fees are charged without being notified by the institutions. The SMEs would then would end up having to pay an extra load of fees for the loan.

How Invoice Factoring Works

Factoring / Financing   Invoices & Supporting Documents   Business needs

One way to solve the problem above is by this new solution called Invoice Factoring / Invoice Financing.

It’s simply another way for a you as a SME owner to get funding right when you send the invoice to your client.

Invoice factoring will help you to improve cash flow, pay your employees and suppliers and also reinvest in operations and growth much earlier than you could if you had to wait till your clients pay you.

It also solves plenty of problems with customers taking a long time to pay and difficulties obtaining other types of business credit.

Here at New Union, you can choose to finance a number of invoices or just ONE INVOICE.

Invoice factoring is a solution for many businesses to alleviate day to day overhead concerns. Many business owners use invoice factoring and the cash it releases for their businesses to pay suppliers upfront thereby securing higher discounts.

Here are the benefits that new union can offer you

  • Approval within 7 days
  • We say "yes" more than traditional financiers
  • 100% focused on SME Growth
  • Flexible Financing
  • Quick response
  • Improves your business’s cash flow
  • Provides your business with flexibility and control without any long term commitment
  • Get cash for your business’s unpaid invoices as fast as 1 week
  • Allows your business to plan for growth and meet funding needs

How It Works With New Union

Submit application together with supporting collaterals and receive confirmation within 24 hours Submit application together with supporting collaterals and receive confirmation within 24 hours   New Union will provide factoring as fast as in 7 days New Union will provide factoring as fast as in 7 days   You will repay the funds at the maturity date You will repay the funds at the maturity date
To determine if you are eligible for invoicing with New Union, there are few basic criteria:

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Is there a lot of admin and paperwork with New Union?
Your funding application can be filled up in less than 2.57 minutes. New Union’s website is quick and easy-to-use. To apply for funding, you simply upload your invoice and supporting documentation
What are the rate and charges for invoices?
Fixed rates and based on case to case basis. Here at New Union, we don’t charge hidden fees. It’s simple and transparent.
Does New Union notify my clients that I have sold my invoices?
No, we won’t be contacting any third parties during our credit assessments or even as you service the funding. Your application to New Union will not affect your credit rating in any way.
What is the on-going cost?
It depends on case to case basis. With New Union, you will initially receive 85% of your invoice face value up front.
Is there any penalty charge for early repayment?
$0. No penalty for early repayments.

How Do I Apply

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