Management Team

  • Eddie Lee Co-founder / Group CEO

    Eddie Lee, Co-founder / Group CEO of New Union Singapore is responsible for overseeing the overall strategic direction of the company. With 18 years of experience in the fast-paced Information Technology World and passion for the technology sector, Eddie led his IT team with the wealth of technology solutions he have amassed over the years.

    Prior to joining New Union Singapore, Eddie founded Edifice Pte Ltd, a software and solution agency since 2004. He is responsible for the company's performance and strategic business direction. Equipped with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology from RMIT University, Eddie leads the company's continuation.

    He was also nominated as the "Most Inspiring Entrepreneur" by the Spirit of Enterprise in 2005, led Edifice to bag Small Medium Business Association's Promising SME 500 Award in 2012 and was featured in The Straits Times' Special Report on 16th July 2011, where they credited his perseverance in taking a one-man Consultancy Web Design firm to its current team of 18, with a 750% growth.

    Often described as a positive, energetic and sporty individual, Eddie spends his spare time perfecting Muay Thai, running marathons, and was even part of the Singapore National Wushu Federation and San Da (kick boxing) team.

  • Nelson Koh Executive Director / CTO

    As the Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer, Nelson is responsible for designing New Union Singapore's internal workflow processes, development of internal capabilities and IT infrastructure.

    He strongly believes that New Union Singapore has a ground-breaking product which fills the void for businesses in need of financing for growth, and has the potential to become a disruptive entrant into the business funding market in Singapore.

    Prior to his beginning at New Union Singapore, Nelson began his career in a Sales and Marketing role in a local Fast-moving Consumer Goods company.

    From there, he ventured into Sales Oversight with the Asia Pacific Breweries in Guangzhou before it was acquired by Heineken. Most recently, he played the role of a Analyst and Business Assistant for the Chairman of a Property Developer in Shanghai.

    Having accumulated years of rich experience, Nelson reckoned that the opportunity to explore innovative funding solutions for local businesses was too exciting to pass up.

    Having graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, Nelson is keen and passionate about the Information Technology world, often wondering about the possible advancements of online businesses.

  • Angeline Ong Finance Director

    As a fellow member of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants UK (ACCA) as well as the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), Angeline wields more than 10 years of accounting experience in the Corporate Finance sector.

    She began her accounting career in the Food & Beverages sector and moved on to a Financial Institution. Prior to joining New Union Singapore, she was with a major insurance player in Singapore, where she was responsible for expenses management and company budgeting.

    As the Finance Director of New Union Singapore, she hopes to assist the company in achieving its organizational and business goals with her extensive knowledge and experience in the Corporate Finance arena.

  • Ryan Manalastas Chief Developer

    Arming more than 10 years of web development experiences, Ryan is the pioneering developer of New Union Singapore's online platform.

    Prior to his stint at New Union Singapore, Ryan holds the position of Software Director for design and web development agency, Edifice Pte Ltd, where he refined his expertise in web development using PHP language and led the development team with confidence and clear directions.

    Ryan, who holds a degree in Computer Engineering, is constantly fascinated with the rich dynamics of technologies and IT solutions, and strives to explore new approaches to work rather than being contented with just the mere standard.

    When away from the computer, he enjoys watching the mechanics and robotics series on Discovery Channel and having nature walks with his wife.

  • Monico Remo Sabala Senior Web Developer

    With more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry as a Web and PHP Developer, Monico has accumulated solid experience and in-depth technical knowledge in various software tools and systems.

    Previously, Monico spent 10 years in Philippines, working in small and large firms as a PHP Developer. His expertise and familiarisation with the IT system enables him to develop, customise and fix systems with ease.

    Having graduated with an Information Technology Degree from University of Cebu, Philippines, coupled with many years of industry experience, Monico's specialisation includes PHP, MySql, JavaScript and JQuery, just to name a few.

  • Amanda Lim Operations Manager

    As the Operations Manager of New Union Singapore, Amanda proves herself to be resourceful and pro-active, possessing both technical and analytical skills which enable her to tackle daily work challenges.

    Her previous stint in a design and web development agency, Edifice Pte Ltd, as an Account Executive has equipped her with all the knowledge she needs to know when it comes to product management, clients servicing and website and system development.

    Together with her drive to excel and willingness to learn from the best, Amanda had been given opportunities to undertake significant roles in New Union Singapore.

    Apart from work, the Fashion Marketing Bachelor Degree holder from Raffles Design Institute has a special interest in entrepreneurship.


  • Jeremiah Lee Co-Founder & Advisor

    Jeremiah possesses more than 10 years of experience in Finance and Real-Estate Development, accumulating sound foundation and knowledge over the years where he worked extensively in the area of Corporate Finance.

    Before co-founding New Union Singapore, he established Zhibo Pte Ltd, a Singapore incorporated company which specialises in Alternate Financing and Equity Investment, also known as one of the pioneers offering alternative funding solutions to local SMEs.

    Jeremiah's journey in SME Financing and Real-Estate Alternate Financing began way back in 2007 where he resided and served as the Finance and Credit Risk Manager in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and has since accumulated a wide realm of knowledge and specialisation in SME and Real-Estate Alternate Financing.

    Evidently a passionate entrepreneur, Jeremiah understands the difficulties and obstacles faced by local SMES. He strongly believes in encouraging local businesses to help each other through financing as cash-flow problems not only limits the business' growth, but also threatens to destroy it.

  • Jon Zhou Co-founder & Advisor (Greater China)

    Having accumulated a wealth of experience in Corporate Financing and Real-Estate investment, Jon co-founded New Union (Greater China) with Avion and Jeremiah in 2013.

    Previously, Jon interned at KPMG, one of the four largest auditing firms in the world. During his stint with KPMG, he honed his skill at analysing corporate financial data. After which, he returned to Singapore in 2009, undertaking the work of corporate risk management and financing assessment in a family-run financial company. In 2010, Jon co-founded Zhibo Pte Ltd in Singapore, providing insurance and financing for SMEs, financing for domestic and foreign corporate projects as well as planning for corporate listings.

    The bachelor graduate from the School of Finance and Accounting from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore returned to China in 2010 to join the Assurance Industry Chief Executive Officer EMBA course which was jointly organised by Guangdong Province Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Bureau and the Huanan Technological University School of Management.

    Jon strongly affirms that the foundation of financing is credibility, and the foundation of the internet is people. With that philosophy, New Union (Greater China) enables credible companies to receive help from investors, allowing both parties to benefit from this process.


  • Garen Chen CEO of New Union (Greater China)

    Garen started his own business consulting firm in 2013, providing consultation for new media interactive advertising, operations, developments and other services. During the period of which he provided services to a number of listed companies both at home and abroad including the world's top 500 multi-national corporations.

    Garen joined New Union CN in 2015 as co-founder and CEO.


  • Poh Wenyi Co-founder / Managing Director of New Union (Cambodia)

    Owning almost a decade of sales experience in the Financial Services industry, Wenyi, former Senior Financial Services Manager co-founded New Union in 2013 and is presently the Managing Director of New Union Cambodia and Regional Business Development Director of New Union.

    As the Regional Business Development Director of New Union, Wenyi leads the internal Business Development team to improve the company's market position, identifying and exploring new business opportunities with the vast knowledge he has on the ever-changing finance market regionally.

    With his long years of experiences and knowledge in the finance and business world, Wenyi defines long-term strategic goals for New Union Cambodia and works closely with other overseas counterparts to ensure successful expansion and implementation of New Union into Cambodia.

    His extensive portfolio includes spearheading new initiatives like the recent formation of the first Crowd Funding Alliance in Singapore.

    Equipped with a charismatic personality, he is often the speaker and the face of New Union Singapore and enjoys connecting both people and businesses with complementing direction, building and fostering key-customer relationships with sales agencies to develop distribution channels for New Union's products.


  • Amos Chen Managing Director of New Union (Taiwan)

    As the Managing Director of New Union (Taiwan), Amos is responsible for managing and developing the Taiwan finance market.

    Amos graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Prior to his stint in New Union, he was the Taiwan Business Director for Prime Group (Singapore), Deputy General Manager for the company's Mainland China branch, and the Deputy Project Leader of Wushijia Advertising Co., Ltd where the amount of money for the projects he handled exceeded NT$10 billion.

    As a strong believer of legal foundations and business models being the fundamental basis of an online finance platform, he believes that teams with risk management experience and determination will emerge victorious in this sector.


  • Anson T. Uy President / CEO of New Union (Philippines)

    With his long years of experiences and knowledge in the finance and business world, Anson defines long-term strategic goals for New Union Philippines to ensure successful expansion and implementation of New Union into the Philippines.

    He has been a Filipino IT entrepreneur for over 20 years and most recently the CEO of Sagesoft Solutions. He was also responsible for taking Touch Solutions public to the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2011 (PSE: TSE), which he then guided through its merger with Andrew Tan's Alliance Global Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines.

    Mr. Uy is known locally for bringing disruptive technologies to the Philippine market, having introduced Enterprise Linux, MySQL and Amazon Web Services to the country.

    Mr. Uy holds a double degree of BS Management Engineering and AB Economics from Ateneo de Manila University.

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